Frequently Asked Questions

What camp package is right for my dancer? 

  • If the dancer is trying out for a collegiate team THIS year and the tryouts are BEFORE June. I would suggest Jump Start 1 to prepare choreography, technical skills, fitness planning, and interview training. AND Jump Start 2 to video skills, take headshots, get in last minute toning and dance fitness advice, along with further interview training and prepare audition videos. 

  • If your dancer is trying out for a high school dance team AND/OR officer tryouts Jump Start 1 is a MUST! This camp we will provide technical skill help, prepare for interviews, provide choreography, and any other needs they may have to prepare best for tryouts. Our camps customize towards our clients needs. ADD ON jump start #2 in order to PERFECT everything we worked on in December. You will get all of your last minute preparations in and interview training.

  • If your dancer is planning to tryout out for Kilgore College Rangerettes, Jump Start 1 & 2 will set them up for choreography, dance fitness workouts and training, and prepare them with style and a plan for their continued training. Summer Session 1 will be a great place to get back in touch and get all of our last minute technical skills improved and solid before they attend mini camp sessions at the college. Polishing camp is a MUST! This is where we will polish and clean EVERYTHING. Last minute touch ups, final head shots, final solo choreography, just in case videos, and STYLE classes. What better way to prepare yourself for an audition than to surround yourself with people going through the same experience as you AND with instructors who have been in your shoes and want you to succeed. 

My dancer has HIGH goals but I do not think she is quite ready for the college level. What camp is right for her? 

  • I am excited to bring a NEW summer session to the line up. This camp is going to be geared towards our more intermediate level dancing clients. The age range is more broad for this camp and it is a fantastic opportunity to catch up on a fast track! Technique and skills will be broken down in a more foundational level but still receive similar fitness training & private lessons as our advanced camps. 

Camp Dates || Pricing || Packages || Add ons

  • Jump Start 1 (2 days) || December 27th - 29th || *Resident $300 (lives at FACA) or **Commuter $280 
  • Jump Start 2 (3 days) || March 11th - 14th ||  Resident $375.00 (lives at FACA) or Commuter $350.00 
  • Summer Session #1 - Advanced (5 days) || May 28th - June 2nd || Resident $500.00 (lives at FACA) or Commuter $475.00 
  • Summer Session #2 (5 days) - Advanced || June 4th -  9th || Resident $500.00 (lives at FACA) or Commuter $475.00 
  • Summer Session #3 - Intermediate (5 days) || June 11th - 16th || Resident $500.00 (lives at FACA) or Commuter $475.00 
  • Polishing - 2023 Rangerette Hopefuls ONLY (3 days) || June 18th - 21st ||  Resident $375.00 (lives at FACA) or Commuter $350.00 

*Resident is a camper who resides in Full Armor Christian Academy
**Commuter is a camper who will reside elsewhere within a 30 mile distance

  • Package #1: Jump Start 1 + Jump Start 2 || Resident $650 or Commuter $600
  • Package #2: Jump Start 2 + Polishing || Resident $675 or Commuter $625
  • Package #3: One 3 day camp (jump start 2 or polishing) + One 1-week session || Resident $800 or Commuter $750
  • Package #4: Two 1-week sessions || Resident $950 or Commuter $900
  • Package #5: All 3 1-week sessions || Resident $1,400 or Commuter $1,300
  • Package #6: ALL CAMPS [Jump Start 1 + Jump Start 2 + Summer Session 1 + Summer Session 2 + Summer Session 3 + Polishing Camp] || Resident $2,000 or Commuter $1,700

  • Add Jump Start 1 to any of the above packages for $200
  • Solo Choreography with instructor of your choice $250
  • Leadership/Interview training $25 per 30 minute session
  • Extra Private Lessons $30 per 1-hour session